"Long sleeve"

What an awesome picture this is.

The best number these days is “Bouquet of kiss in the rain”  (just like she said so)

Material: fluffy wool 100%


This is Esmeralda Serviced Department.

Wishing you have a great time shopping with us.

As long as you are with ESD, you will be free.

Imagine yourself traveling in a foreign country, without any complex relationships. 


I really enjoyed my London trip.

I was nicely taken in Haibizi and that’s how I am now. But I was put off by poops on the road.


Block check dress of Stephan Schneider. 

Summery, soft, and light. When heat stroke, your view becomes blur.



Certainly, I was worrying if she went up to the roof top.

Yellow pin in the middle is the gift from Moto Guo.


I just found the truth. Thin shoelace of trainers are the best.