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"Old habits."

When I meet new people, I don't talk much. Because I do not know what can hurt people and what can be rude. I'm scared to offend people. 

When I'm tipsy, I'm a bit more open minded. I can ask questions that I can't ask while I'm sober. Next morning is regretful. Old habits die hard.


"It sure is."

It's funny that schools starts at eight. I am natural born night person. Will I ever be able to take a walk early in the morning before work, and while walking I listen to the music and smoke cigarette.  

Well when I'm 64, I will.



This is a serious topic. Watching movie is my life work. I'm buying a projector to watch them on a big screen in my bedroom.

I watched an Italian movie and found it very difficult and philosophical. One day, perhaps right before I die, I will understand what "dolce vita" is.



Imagine your father was a panda. Your little

brother is a panda too. You are the only human in

the house. One day your neighborhood have

flood. But luckily you had a swim tube. No need to

scared of drowning.

This is how my story begin.

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