Sun was low. We got stuck in traffic. Traffic jam in Manila was overwhelming. I got sick inside the car, and forgot to pay.

We'd shop around and bought 4 types of raincoat. It didn't rain though. Plants in tropics is thick and big. It somehow reminds me that our favorite restaurant nearby is closing because of urban development. 

Carl's studio was comfortable. Some

army shop nearby sells badges. We

bought some as a souvenir.  


I knew from the very early age that there're someone who look exactly same as me.  However, I haven't find anyone yet. Is it silly to search?

P2130669 2.jpg
P2130560 2.jpg

We were watching a documentary film about how to make clothes. My grandma used to make my costume for a school play. I asked her to use a lot of pink. Thank you grandma.


Kate Moss wore adidas sneakers when she was younger. That was iconic. Who is now iconic as her?

Botanical garden in city is a bit pricey but worth going. Planetarium in city was okay. Last summer was desperately hot. The best place to escape was actually aquarium.


One of my old friend moved far away. She and I 

often play video game, and went for a walk with her dog. Her dog was fat, and passed away 5 years ago. We can go anywhere in this world. Maybe see you soon.

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